Quality Responsibility
DATE:2019.12.30 SOURCE:原创 VIEW:1019

We have established a sound quality management system according to the requirements of the latest national GMP standard. Our Quality Control Center, composed of Quality Assurance Department, Quality Control Department and Pharmacovigilance Department, fully takes charge of the daily operation and continuous improvement of the quality management system. The Quality Assurance Department strictly controls the quality of raw and auxiliary packing materials suppliers according to the requirements to guarantee the quality of manufactured products from the source; strictly monitors key parameters of each process during the product manufacturing, to prevent defective products from flowing into the next process; reviews all indicators one by one before product release to release products according to the parameters standards. The deviation management system, change control system and corrective & preventive control system of quality assurance, etc. originate from and are higher than the GMP standard, and are continuously improved in the daily practice. The Quality Assurance Department always adheres to the attitude of being responsible for product quality, the company and patients and conscientiously carries out all quality assurance work.


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